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: Appearance, Audio/Visual, etc.

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  1. Which looks better?
  2. [POLL] Remote Rev, or remote Purge
  3. [POLL] What should I put on my ass?
  4. Time for new wheels
  5. Which Wheels? -another wheel poll-
  6. Do, or do not?
  7. Help me pick out my wheels!
  8. Trunk Center Panel Poll
  9. Infinity Kappas all around...?
  10. New Z... New wheels.. Choose
  11. rim size for a 240sx?
  12. DIY: Painting stock emblems Black Pearl
  13. gold or gunmetal that is the question
  14. Toggle switches?
  15. New Lip Which do you think?
  16. Origin Lab: Do it, or don't?
  17. Painted Calipers
  18. New Rims for the Focus
  19. dc5 front end on ep3?
  20. want to polish your wheels and possibly rip your fingers off
  21. where to find niteshade? is it legal?
  22. Stereo issue Help
  23. Window Tint
  24. so i got bored today...
  25. flat black paint?
  26. Dodo Juice Supernatural
  27. Celica
  28. Help with wheel choice?
  29. My Volk TE-37 rebuild thread
  30. 90-93 DA integra foglights
  31. JDM CTR red carpet in a red EM1?
  32. when i get bored
  33. to anyone who paints cars/does small body work...
  34. I need help(MENTALLY)
  35. accord spring on a civic hatch
  36. civic eg front lip
  37. Whats wrong with my subs/amp
  38. Headlights look so shitty!
  39. New wheels are here. :D
  40. need help on a system
  41. what do yall think is better...
  42. need painting
  43. Tints for the car
  44. The rx7's new eyes.
  45. should i paint my wheels... photoshop pic for an idea!!!
  46. For v3: Wheels
  47. Zintec HID's???
  48. HID foglights for a 2000 civic???
  49. S14 Amber Corners?
  50. Anyone know what wheels are these ?
  51. Will it work?
  52. polishing wheels
  53. does anyone know about bmw halo wiring
  54. What's the best way to get scratches out of headlights.
  55. Paint!
  56. body work suggestions?
  57. Who makes custom sub boxes?
  58. Can you help me install?
  59. The Signed hood is gone!!
  60. Auto Detailing
  61. How not to install a lip kit
  62. Opinions
  63. tegg
  64. body work..? who does it any for the cheap/good work?
  65. Official wheel fitiment thread!
  66. a question about jline wheels
  67. 4300K HID's in my whip.
  68. paint question
  69. Looking for good place for paint work
  70. Sally's "butt lift"
  71. how should I do the wheels?
  72. Body work?
  73. Rim Fitment Database: Pretty Cool !!!!!
  74. 240sx heaven lol.
  75. Best install shop for Nav unit, etc.
  76. What color to paint calipers
  77. What do you guys think of Axis Hiro rims?
  78. Who wants some extra $ Stereo Install
  79. Need Fenders rolled
  80. bodywork and paintjob
  81. Darn Whining
  82. poll-need color change, and opinions
  83. FINALLY! sally III got her some tunes! KUDOS ENCLOSED
  84. 92-95 civic hatch cage? (what kind of cage is this)
  85. powdercoating.. ?
  86. sand blasting
  87. Where to buy wood for custom sub box?
  88. friends 01 prelude facgtory radio security code
  89. engine bay clean-up
  90. paint question?.
  91. Help v3 find some new rims.
  92. how would these look on my car?
  93. So what do you think of these headlights?
  94. C Sharps?
  95. which front bumper?
  96. OEM Grey Interior Paint?
  97. Possible color change.
  98. new paint
  99. Need help with Yakima rack
  100. Need fenders rolled!
  101. BMW 325i M3!?
  102. need help with body work.
  103. Lookin for Chroming or Plating Shops
  104. anti theft code on an acura?
  105. 94 vx colors?
  106. BBS Prima Donna
  107. Headlight&Corner Question
  108. seats?
  109. I've never been so excited about stickers for my car!
  110. Who does quality sub box building?
  111. Who Can Reclear my CF Dash?
  112. HID's
  113. Switching Center Dashes
  114. Thinking about painting the 240 eventually....opinions welcome
  115. Body Shop
  116. 92 Accord Radio removal
  117. Amp Technicians?
  118. Sub Problem
  119. A question for those who paint valve covers
  120. buying individual parts for a jdm front end (DC2/4)
  121. How hard is it to repair polyurethane?
  122. what to use to cut valve cover....
  123. Custom lights
  124. Help with peeling paint
  125. New pioneer In dash navi units
  126. Civic 99-00 Hazard Plug ?
  127. anyone know a good powdercoater/rim lip polisher guy thing....
  128. Car Alarm Install Prices/Locations
  129. i need help with my system
  130. Lookin for someone to buff my headlights! HELP
  131. v3's first attempt at the world of wet sanding
  132. color options?
  133. Side Skirt adhesive help!
  134. Neeed help with paitn code...............
  135. Repainting my interior
  136. Interior repair - Allsport 4 way stretch vinyl
  137. Paintless Dent Repair
  138. Wide body kit
  139. paint and body work for the low low...
  140. 93 civic ex coupe (front) seats in a crx si 91??
  141. to all the carbon fiber lover
  142. This is for people that want to carbon fiber look!
  143. body work in clarksville area
  144. 08 charger marron on a 94 civic coupe
  145. Window Tinting
  146. Old-school Two-Tone JDM Paint
  147. Laying suede on interior
  148. reupolstery leather...
  149. Interior Speaker Selection for 93 Mustang GT
  150. Know of somewhere to do pinstrip?
  151. Just thought of it!
  152. Refreshed My Wheels
  153. RHD BMW E30 [blacked out front]
  154. skrimz
  155. Powdercoating around murfreesboro ?
  156. erase.....
  157. just ordered new speakers
  158. Anyone Refinish TA Wheels?
  159. Auto Detailing / Tinting
  160. Cracking headlights.
  161. Repainted the TA wheels today
  162. you might be low....
  163. Should I.......
  164. places to have a seat reupholstered..
  165. Speakers for a 1995 EG Coupe
  166. some one photo shop for me real quick please
  167. Good Place to Buy Auto Paint
  168. need...
  169. You think you have hid's?
  170. lol check it out.. called the bitch kit
  171. fender roller
  172. so many to choose
  173. Polish your wheels! (my winter junk inside)
  174. wheel help please
  175. iPod stopped working
  176. i am getting a custom box built :)
  177. rockford fosgate build i am working on
  178. HID retro-fit How To
  179. Auto Painter in the house?
  180. JDM Side markers.
  181. rear window tint..
  182. photo shop
  183. Cheap body work
  184. black
  185. hidden or windshield antenna?anybody used them?
  186. Recommend me a double-din
  187. G35 coupe wheels on IS300? (Photoshop Picture Inside)
  188. new wheels...
  189. Suggestions on buying a new headunit
  190. Help!!
  191. So Picked up this beauty
  192. best thing to polish my headlights with?
  193. Amp help please
  194. Paint Match calipers? POLL
  195. Anywhere to buy 6000k bulbs in TN?
  196. New Head Unit Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD
  197. Need an Amp Fixed...
  198. USB > Cig Lighter Adapters.
  199. Need help now!!!!
  200. rockford fosgate build
  201. Any old IASCA peeps out here?
  202. Should I Go Black???
  203. Better that Dynomat?
  204. Hai Hayterz! Buying new wheels soon.
  205. Kenwood Headunit help
  206. *Car Noob* Help Needed! (:
  207. Need some recommendations for clear coat
  208. Best in class components?
  209. Best place to buy paint?
  210. Photoshop Help
  211. Photoshop/wheel color help
  212. Window tint / dirty headlights
  213. need some audio help.
  214. Who feels confident with detailing a Trailer?
  215. i have a dumb ? about eg hatch/4dr/coupe part fitment
  216. does anyone knows who can customized a b series valve cover????
  217. Local paint shops
  218. my s10
  219. Legit fender rolling
  220. Good upholsterer
  221. HID Fogs....
  222. Smoked or stock headlights?
  223. We Powder Coated Some Stuff...
  224. Decided to build my self some 240sx wings
  225. Speaker suggestions
  226. Racing Harness?
  227. Need a sticker made
  228. CB radio mounting suggestions?
  229. Vinyl to wrap dash
  230. Help going insane!!!!1!1!!!
  231. get rid of 50mm widebody?
  232. Looking for opinions on wheel finish
  233. Best amp?
  234. anyone around that can color match vinyl?
  235. Custom paint
  236. Fiberglass work!
  237. Maxima wheel suggestions needed.
  238. Best place to buy?
  239. Post your low offset wheels !!!
  240. Help Me Get Rid of These Dang Swirl Marks
  241. new stereo comp vehicle for JBL and Tsunami
  242. Our new shop at 12gaugeaudio
  243. Single Exit Exhaust
  244. Which Wheels for Genesis
  245. radio display quit working. So took it apart and then.....
  246. Changing faceplate led color
  247. Domeflips' valve cover paint project.. (lots of pictures and lots of sanding)
  248. opininions on speakers?
  249. Plasti Dip?
  250. rota gt3 question?