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Vehicle: 1985 Mazda RX-7
Owner: 85rx-7gsl-se
Manufacturer: Microtech EFI
Product: LT10s Standalone ECM
Product Rating: 9
Category: Engine
Updated: 12-23-2008
Purchased From: HP Motoring
Purchase Price: $1,150.00
Purchase Rating: 9
Installed By: DIY
Installation Price: $0.00
Installation Rating: 10
Comments: Great standalone. Doesn't have a whole lot of frills, but gets the job done nicely. Has a unterminated harness with a nice wiring diagram making install very easy (First time doing it by myself took around 2 hours start to finish). Great base map that runs like a charm. Also has nice features you can program like 2-step and boost control. Also, the unit itself is very compact.

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