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Vehicle: 1992 Toyota MR2
Owner: SteadilyDeadly
Manufacturer: Volk Racing
Product: Wheels
Product Rating: 0
Category: Alloys & Tyres
Updated: 01-20-2009
Purchased From: Ebay
Purchase Price: $600.00
Purchase Rating: 0
Installed By:
Installation Price: $0.00
Installation Rating: 0
Comments: Volk Racing Progressiv (1992) 16 X 8
Volk Racing Progressiv (1990) 16 X 9
I used a 5mm spacer on the front set of wheels to clear the suspension housing by 2mm's. These wheels are 2in's wider (per wheel) than the stock set. One rear wheel plus tire weighs 40.2 lbs (w/lugnuts) and one front wheel plus tire weighs 36.18 lbs (w/lugnuts), which is .70 lbs. lighter than a stock rear wheel/tire (w/lugnuts).

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