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But even with this shameful weight, I was able to execute the movement correctly only 8 times. But the effect of such a tricky exercise was just super, for two months of working in a similar technique, I not only increased my biceps by a centimeter, but also radically improved its shape. Note: recently in the gyms you can find a special bar with rotary handles . It allows not only to bend the arm, but also to supine the hand. Thanks to its special design, such a bar turns a regular basic exercise into an unusual but more effective one. If there is such a barbell in your gym, you should definitely use it to train your biceps. Conclusion 2: Without performing supination, pumping up the biceps will not work. But when using this technique, it’s not the weight of the load that matters, but the time the biceps spend in a state of peak contraction. I perform this movement on outstretched arms, leaning forward slightly, and bending my knees slightly. But, and this is very important, I don’t wrap the hands, thereby turning the forearm muscles out of work. And as a result, the lifting of the bar is carried out only by the effort of my biceps. I also do this exercise in my own way. The fact is that all Scott benches that I have met have a 45 slope. Therefore, I change the angle of this device every workout, wanting to make the biceps work in an unusual, stressful mode. I put a step under the back or under the front of the bench, reducing the angle of inclination or increasing it. This is the only exercise where I allow myself to read. But a similar technique of throwing the bar up and slowly lowering it gives an excellent result. In general, cheating for biceps, I consider Vader’s best principle for gaining muscle mass in the arms. For an overview of Vader’s most effective principles, and their modified versions, read in my article: “The ABC of Muscle Mass A Fresh Look at Vader’s Principles”. I naturally do not perform such an exercise like all people do. This is a great movement that allows you to stretch your biceps all the way, but I modified it a bit. I noticed that the lower the angle of the bench, the better I feel the biceps stretch. And the thought occurred to me to reduce the angle of inclination to zero. That is, I do the lifting of dumbbells with both hands while lying on a regular horizontal bench. Believe me, biceps stretches just fantastic. If all the above exercises are more aimed at stretching the biceps, this version is designed to make the biceps work exclusively in peak (supinated) mode. In fact, supination can be done in all lifts with dumbbells, sitting or standing.
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