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  1. Cars & Vehicles
    Traded delsolsituner for the ED Sedan and Got Fucked w/ a trans that had a hole the size of a .25 on the Bottom of it! They Drove the Car to Jackson, TN and had me come get it, 5miles down the hwy it kept popping outta gear, i was told nothing about it, nor was it listed. i tried to call and...
  2. Cars & Vehicles
    My ’94 Integra is a DD, engine runs like a champ. I’m looking to trade for clean EG-EK hatch, or supa clean EF, clean coupe or Integra . (I’ll put money on top if needed) Cars title is clean, It’s a good car but I’m looking to find something with more performance, and I need a 5 spd. Hit me up...
  3. Automotive Parts
    4 Lug 13inch steelies. will fit on any honda ek and older. wont fit any dc tegs. may fit on a da teg. Not to sure. im asking $75 but if you can pick them up Sunday in Nashville I'll let em go for $50!! 2 front tires have 95% tread 2 rear tires have 80% tread. These tires are in EXCELLENT...
  4. Automotive Parts
    STEFAN Memphis. PM OR REPLY ON HERE. Everything is OBO NB MIATA SEATS! out of a 99 Miata. Mint condition(except for regular wear and tear on driver seat.) I Can Patch The Seat If Needed. 200$$ or trades. Integra Cargo Cover. 50$$ (out of a type-r..no joke hahahahaha) 2000 Honda...
  5. Cars & Vehicles
  6. Automotive Parts
    K20 BLOCK... needs to be a perfect block... no spun rod bearings... no thrown rods..... no cracked pistons...etc. perfect..ready to bolt up and go! lol LMK ASAP!! THANKS!
  7. Automotive Parts
    Name: Julian Complete black seats from a 02 RSX Type S. Includes Front Seats, Back Seats, 3x Door Panels (Passenger side is damaged), Console, Carpet and other trim pieces. Nashville,TN Asking $375 pm if interested or call 615-947-4985.
1-7 of 7 Results