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  1. Automotive Parts
    Name: Ahmed Contact: PM Ok I got a buncha BMW stuff mostly from my e36 '99 M3 vert. NEW STUFF IN... -Coupe/vert passenger side door. Alpine white good condition. No real damage. (gutted) $100 -Pair of OEM U.S. Halogen headlights. They work fine but have some residue on the top from...
  2. Automotive Parts
    i've been watching for parts and searching for parts, but still haven't found what i need/want. i high enough post count before to post in the market, i have like 70 on the new site, please dont delete. thank you so the day i lowered my car i pulled into a parkin lot and scraped a whole in my...
  3. Cars & Vehicles
    Selling my 95 BMW M3 with 73K Miles(i will upload the new picture). Very nice car 5spd Dakar I Yellow. Need to sell ASAP. Lots of Mods: AA Stage 3 Exhaust System(only 1500miles) F1 Racing Stage 3 Clutch W Lightweight Flywheel (Barely broken in less than 200miles) 18" Mille Miglia 1000...
  4. Automotive Parts
    Name: Julian Complete Interior from a 95 M3 2dr. Comes complete with Front Manual Seats, Back Seats, Console, 4x Door Panels, 4x M3 Mats, M3 Door Sills, Glove Box w carpet and other trim pieces. Nashville,TN asking $725 pm if interested or call 615-947-4985
1-4 of 5 Results