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  1. Automotive Parts
    Name: Ahmed Contact: PM Ok I got a buncha BMW stuff mostly from my e36 '99 M3 vert. NEW STUFF IN... -Coupe/vert passenger side door. Alpine white good condition. No real damage. (gutted) $100 -Pair of OEM U.S. Halogen headlights. They work fine but have some residue on the top from...
  2. Cars & Vehicles
    Selling my 95 BMW M3 with 73K Miles(i will upload the new picture). Very nice car 5spd Dakar I Yellow. Need to sell ASAP. Lots of Mods: AA Stage 3 Exhaust System(only 1500miles) F1 Racing Stage 3 Clutch W Lightweight Flywheel (Barely broken in less than 200miles) 18" Mille Miglia 1000...
  3. Automotive Parts
    Name: Julian Complete Interior from a 95 M3 2dr. Comes complete with Front Manual Seats, Back Seats, Console, 4x Door Panels, 4x M3 Mats, M3 Door Sills, Glove Box w carpet and other trim pieces. Nashville,TN asking $725 pm if interested or call 615-947-4985
1-3 of 4 Results