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  1. Automotive Parts
    STEFAN Memphis. PM OR REPLY ON HERE. Everything is OBO NB MIATA SEATS! out of a 99 Miata. Mint condition(except for regular wear and tear on driver seat.) I Can Patch The Seat If Needed. 200$$ or trades. Integra Cargo Cover. 50$$ (out of a type-r..no joke hahahahaha) 2000 Honda...
  2. Automotive Parts
    Doing a 1.8 swap in the Miata, so the turbo kit has to go. This is an old school BEGi 1.6L kit, and the Stage 4 is the highest HP kit they sell. Kit contains: Turbo Manifold Downpipe All lines and fittings Heat shield Auxiliary fuel pump FMIC and tubing AFPR MSD Miata Boost control ignition...
1-2 of 2 Results