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  1. Builds & Setups
    MY02 Sebring S2000 Build Sup guys, Im pretty new to the area, but I just sold/traded my 00 GSR and have picked up my 2nd S2000. My first was a MY01 Grand Prix White. This wont be a super huge build thread as I am getting rid of un needed debt. Just want to get this car back to tip top...
  2. Showcase
    Had the car detailed so I thought I would bust out the Nikon d50. Dont make fun I'm new with the picture taking! Anywhos hope you like them. A fellow member detailed the car. I have had a few people detail the car, but none with the quality thus far. Joachim(jrmdb3) did a superb job and have...
  3. Introduction
    Whats going on everyone? :mega: My names Matt and I just moved to Nashville about a month ago. Gonna be buying a part from 99Stang(Andrew) today, but he told me about the site. Currently have a 00 GSR(which is for sale btw :) ) but I just sold my 01 GPW s2000(hence the username) of 2 years...
  4. Showcase
    Some of you may recognize the wall behind the car. Thats the wall of honor at wilson central. Hope you guys like the pics. More to come as we go through them. Happy 4th Be safe! Photographer - Nick Martin (low0r on tennspeed)
  5. Showcase
    Here is my 2000 ap1 s2k. It has 28k miles and is in great shape. The pics below are by me which i am really bad at. The new car, and my old vette which is my dads now. JDM badges Little of the interior AEM Boost/AF Ratio that you cant really see. The secks Here are some other...
  6. Showcase
    Well as I am saddened by selling my s2000, it makes me happy to know there is still another one that I see daily I can alway take for a ride untill I get my next one. He has had his new setup for a while and hasnt had time to post up pics. I have to say this is a very clean AP1, got to love a...
  7. Automotive Parts
    UPDATE: Forgot to mention, items are all in NASHVILLE. I can bring anything but the wheels back to Knoxville with me if anyone out east is interested. Could probably find a way to bring the wheels east for delivery if interested. :thumbup: --First up is a set of Toyota snowflakes off of my...
  8. Automotive Parts
    i have for sale a full carbon fiber cooling plate for a s2000 any year it also can be used as a intake i had it on my s and it made so much of a diffirence in the heat and on the intake side asking obo pics
1-8 of 8 Results