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  1. Cars & Vehicles
    Traded delsolsituner for the ED Sedan and Got Fucked w/ a trans that had a hole the size of a .25 on the Bottom of it! They Drove the Car to Jackson, TN and had me come get it, 5miles down the hwy it kept popping outta gear, i was told nothing about it, nor was it listed. i tried to call and...
  2. Car Lounge
    I am actually looking into investing in a 1990-93 toyota mr2 turbo. I am super interested in buying one, if not trading my 98 talon for it. If anyone has any for sale or trade, please PM, or call or text Tony at 931-224-4867. Thanks for all of your time everyone! My buying budget is around...
  3. Cars & Vehicles
    Pending/Keeping - We'll see
1-6 of 6 Results