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'02 Bugeye WRX Wagon

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Just got this today, I'm the second owner since new, female driven car. Good deal considering condition. My first 5-Speed, first Subaru. I've always wanted a WRX, specifically a bugeye. Bigger turbo, tires and wheels soon.

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Actually the head gaskets on these are pretty solid. When I was looking at one here at work, we thought it was head gaskets that was wrong and our master tech said it would be the absolute first bugeye he has ever seen with bad head gaskets on a stock motor.

It ended up being diesal fuel in the tank.

Nice pick up.. If you need any parts hit me up.
Thanks man. And that's a genius tip.
Does anyone have any experience with BC racing coil overs?
And I've decided that the direction I'm going with this is either daily driven weekend autoX/rallyX car, or a DD street build. Either would definitely be getting bigger tires, turbo/intercooler and exhaust with all their respective supporting mods. The Fusion is getting sold soon, so I'll have some cash from that to support these shenanigans.
I have heard that BC coilovers are best bang for the buck, lmk when you are going to build I can come help

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I've got a buddy that the the BC racing coilovers on his 2006 STi and they seem to be pretty decent. I don't know how his are set, but they ride decent.
lookin good man!

Yeah the OE gasket kits leave quite a bit out. Not sure why.

Nice. It seems to take a lot more money to make bigger power on scoobs than evos. Is the engine design the reason?
Its more about balance with this cars. These are excellent at putting the power to the ground, so it doesn't take alot of power to make them decently fast.
1 - 3 of 132 Posts
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