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'02 Bugeye WRX Wagon

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Just got this today, I'm the second owner since new, female driven car. Good deal considering condition. My first 5-Speed, first Subaru. I've always wanted a WRX, specifically a bugeye. Bigger turbo, tires and wheels soon.

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No idea. Which topmount is that?
It's a TurboXS
Got downpipe and most of the turbo down minus the oil outlet, tomorrow I'll be grabbing some fancy new long neck needle noses, then taking out turbo and uppipe and swapping for "new", then I'm off to NH for a week, then back to do fuel delivery, inlet, phenolic spacers, sparks, and whatever else I have forgotten about. Then I'm going for a PhattBotti e-tune. Hoping to be totally done and tuned by mid july...
After many distractions, and a week in New Hampshire, finally got all the old exhaust out, tomorrow I'll actually be putting in new parts. Still have a few things to get, new O Rings for injectors and sway bar mounts namely.
Got headers and uppipe back in, and turbo sitting on top, waiting for new studs to come in for the downpipe to bolt to. Dealing with Turbo inlet today...

Turbo is completely installed. On to fuel delivery and phenolic spacers.
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These cars are so cool. I love wagons. It still irritates me that when I was in the market to buy one 3 or so months ago I couldn't find one that didn't have under 150k that wasn't beat up
These cars are so cool. I love wagons. It still irritates me that when I was in the market to buy one 3 or so months ago I couldn't find one that didn't have under 150k that wasn't beat up
What was your budget? Mine had 147k, but was stock and immaculate for $8k.
Yeah my budget was about 6k. I had wishful thinking probably finding one with low miles
Well late update, but I removed the intake manifold to get Phenolic spacers and injectors, and inlet in with out going insane, which turned out to be surprisingly "easy." Accidentally snapped some vacuum lines that were baked stiff, so I have to order or go buy some of those fuckers.
So pretty much everything is largely squared away, or so it seems...Payed for the Phatbotti Tune that will be closing this chapter for the build! Looking into D Specs or Coils soon.
So, I finally tightened everything down, torqued and whatnot, then when I go to fire it up to roll it back off the ramps, and the engine cranks, fires up, then completely cuts out. I reset ECU a couple times, checked fuel pressure, and plug harnesses, and all seemed good. Been feverishly searching google, as well as Nasioc, ClubWRX, IWSTI, etc... Any knowledge or ideas would be appreciated GREATLY.
Will it run if you keep reving it?
A big vacuum leak. or your MAF is in backwards.
It just dies almost immediately after actually starting up. It cranks, than starts up, then just dies. I'm not sure that my MAF could be backwards as I just took out the airbox and put it back in as it was.
do you have a air compressor to do a boost leak test? any codes?
Well I got it sorted actually, I didn't have the clamps on the Post Maf hose and the inlet tightened down at all apparently, and now it's running, albeit it shittily, but I expected that. Thanks for the help Trip, you were spot on with the leak.
Moved on to the second revision of the PhattBotti Tune, installed 22mm swaybar and perrin stout mount, probably the most notable mod yet..
Tuning is done. PhatBotti (Mike) was Great, and car is hauling (even more) now, just in time for me to be driving significantly less at college. It has however, come to my attention that I need a new clutch, so soon, and exedy OEM, and either new OEM, or ACT lightweight, flywheel going in too.
I here on wrx's a lightweight flywheel we cause the car to Chater (wanna stall) will bad at low rpms . allso in some cases cause a Cell.
Yeah, that is true, but the "streetlite" is only slightly lighter than the OEM one, and is said to be far better than other, lighter, flywheels.
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