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02 spec-v build

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To start I bought this car back in August of last year and it was pretty rough as it wasn't taking care of. It was pretty much stock when I got it.

It had crappy tail light, 3 bent wheels, a crappy weld on muffler, a clogged cat, and just needed some other work.

But anyways onto the build. I'm starting to build a 400whp car. I should hopefully be picking my block back up this week from the shop. Ill be running the qr25 with stock 9:5:1 cp, with about 18psi Max boost. For now its a slow build as money is slow. It will be a all purpose car as it will be a daily. I already has tein coilovers, a 4 point jimmy bar, header full 2 1/4 exhaust, cai, balance shaft cut, 1 pound crank pull, and some others
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Take that lightweight crank pulley off and replace it with a stock one immediately, I have an article that you can read if you want the justification for that, and good luck with the 400 whp daily car, that is hard to do, which is why i picked up a 240 and returned my tC to pretty much stock
Well I plan to pick up another car so its not a daily. Because I plan to turn it into a track car. But for now its the daily. I see ur 240 all the time. I'm always in Franklin.
Oh righto thats whats up, for a FWD its actually a half way decent platform
1 - 2 of 97 Posts
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