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02 spec-v build

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To start I bought this car back in August of last year and it was pretty rough as it wasn't taking care of. It was pretty much stock when I got it.

It had crappy tail light, 3 bent wheels, a crappy weld on muffler, a clogged cat, and just needed some other work.

But anyways onto the build. I'm starting to build a 400whp car. I should hopefully be picking my block back up this week from the shop. Ill be running the qr25 with stock 9:5:1 cp, with about 18psi Max boost. For now its a slow build as money is slow. It will be a all purpose car as it will be a daily. I already has tein coilovers, a 4 point jimmy bar, header full 2 1/4 exhaust, cai, balance shaft cut, 1 pound crank pull, and some others
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400 whp Sentra as a daily?

Good luck.
Nice numbers. I bet that thing is a wrist breaker though. I've always liked those Spec Vs.

I can understand your anger and hurt. After 10 years on this forum, it never gets any easier losing members or knowing that their disease is progressing. Judy I hope tomorrow is a better day.
Man fuck Judy. That bitch burnt me with gonorrhea, and I didn't even fuck her!
1 - 3 of 97 Posts
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