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02 spec-v build

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To start I bought this car back in August of last year and it was pretty rough as it wasn't taking care of. It was pretty much stock when I got it.

It had crappy tail light, 3 bent wheels, a crappy weld on muffler, a clogged cat, and just needed some other work.

But anyways onto the build. I'm starting to build a 400whp car. I should hopefully be picking my block back up this week from the shop. Ill be running the qr25 with stock 9:5:1 cp, with about 18psi Max boost. For now its a slow build as money is slow. It will be a all purpose car as it will be a daily. I already has tein coilovers, a 4 point jimmy bar, header full 2 1/4 exhaust, cai, balance shaft cut, 1 pound crank pull, and some others
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I'm already on there and they r the ones that made my light weight crank pully
At Max boost. I'm goin to be at like 9ish till I flip the switch. I'm goin to run a dual stage boost controler
Ill get some current pics soon.
No. The VA swap is more then I can take right now. The built motor will be n/a for now
Vq sorry stupid android phone
Well I plan to pick up another car so its not a daily. Because I plan to turn it into a track car. But for now its the daily. I see ur 240 all the time. I'm always in Franklin.
My big plans for the car is to road race it. But for now I just want to make a fun sleeper
That looks like 2j-racing car
So i thought I would give an update. Got all the parts ordered and alot of the parts already.

-wiseco pistons 8:5:1 cp .20 over. Already have
-k1 connecting rods. On the way
-new qr25 crank for higher revving
-BC valve springs and retainers
-BC stage 2 cams
-ported intake with a vq35 throttle body
-precision 5858 Turbo
-3in from Turbo back
-clutch masters stage 4 six puck clutch
-are head studs

And I'm sure more will try and get some pics up later
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y do u hate spec-v's?
its my girlfriends house but yea thats me
i dont really know what the neighbors r like around here so i dont really have a say
i love mine and its something different
yea mine can be and ass sometimes thats y im giving her a new heart
As for the spec-v owners being asses u got us mixed with mustang owners.

And the reason i went with BC is because they came with the kit. From what I read the Vq throttle body works great with f/I and all Ill have to do is a relearn. How many miles r one ur tranns and what year is it?
Well I mean all the spec-v ppl I have talked to u awesome ppl so i guess someone met a rotten egg
got an update, got half the valves back in, got my boost gauge in, got the boost controler in, got the solid mounts in, got the intercooler stuff mounted in, got the crank in the motor, just waiting on the rods to come in


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I won't be using the kit. I gutted the inside
yea with this set up tho it will hold oil better from when u go side to side over the jwt kit, and i have already spent all my money on everything else. its bad enough my girlfriend is already telling to take my solid motor mounts out because it makes my car sound like its falling apart, which i think part of the problem is that i have a bad side mount
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