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02 WRX stuff for sale

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vf34 $500
tdo4- $150
TXS Frontmount intercooler piping minus one pipe-$60
BillyBoat Downpipe-$75
Perrin Oil Catch can-$20
Autometer Boost Mechanical-$50
Autometer Oil gauge only-$15
prodrive weighted shift knob-$15
stock 02 intercooler-$100
ej22t block -$600
STI cams-$225
Perrin Side feed fuel rail system *never been opened-$200
4 ROTA Tarmac II Royal gold Rims with tires- $400
Cobb Intake-$50
A-pillar 3 pod -$15
Clock 3 pod-$15
Innovate LM1 ditigal gauge with o2 sensor-$150
some Perrin misc hoses-$?
02 front core support (for those going back to topmount)-$200
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Got a pic of the clock pod? Is it the smooth plastic or one with the grain in it?
answered you in the other forum, smooth.
can you post some pics of all this stuff? im interested
I can try , but it will be difficult for me. Just let me know what you are interested in and I will shoot you straight.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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