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Well I finally just got tired of the way the Gt looked. I wanted it to stand out a little. So Sunday I got to a buddy's house and we cut 1 1/4 coil off the stock springs, Swap the stock bullitts out for some Y2k cobras and Take the stock wing off.. Let me know what you think I like it ALOTE better..



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A set of the '03 10th anniversary or Standard '03 Cobra wheels would look better, even with a stock ride height... and I agree, spend 200 bucks or less on a set of springs... even with the stock wheels, it will still look better than that...

But nice car though.

If you are interested, my buddy is looking for somebody to trade trunks, to gain the GT wing instead of installing one and having to drill. So if you really like the look of the wingless, I can give you his info, and maybe you 2 can trade trunks, to avoid having the holes/plugs if you are going to stay wingless.

His is an '04 GT, identical to your 2003.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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