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04' Tuscani (Tiburon)

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So it's been a little over half a year since I last visited here. My car has went through some changes since I last posted. Anyways she is a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon GT automatic.

Mod list:
Fujita Cold Air Intake
Flowmaster Super 44 Series 2.5 piping
KDM System Upgrade Type C Headers (Pending Install)
NGM Stage 0 Supercharger (Pending Coating and Install)
NGM Stage IV Lower Intake Manifold
NGM Solid Motor Mounts
NGM Fuel Pressure Regulator
NGM Fuel Pressure Gauge
Mishimoto Transmission Cooler
Mishimoto Radiator
Mishimoto Water Temp Sensor
Prosport Oil Adapter Plate

Blue LED/SMD Conversion (In Progress)
Diode Dynamics Accent Lighting (Blue)
Alfa Otto G3 Series Gauges
Pioneer Avic-D3
OEM FL2 door pulls
Prosport Evo Water Temp Gauge
Prosport Evo Oil Pressure Gauge

Suspension, Wheels, and Brakes
DC Sports CS-1 Front Strut Bar
DC Sports CS-2 Rear Strut Bar
Rotora Big Brake Kit
Rotora front drilled and slotted rotors
Rotora Brake Pads
Rotora stainless steal brake lines
R1 Concepts rear drilled rotors
XXR 527 17x9.75 ET25
Eibach camber bolts -1.75
Nexen N7000 235/40/17
Ingalls Smart arms

Exterior (FL=face lift)
OEM FL Front Bumper Conversion
OEM KDM FL Headlights Conversion
OEM FL Tail lights Conversion (Code AiR Niteshaded)
OEM FL Fog light Conversion
SharkRacing OEM FL LED Gills Conversion
M&S Front Lip
SeoulfulRacing SMD Angel Eyes
ForceFedFlesh OEM two toned emblems
ForceFedFlesh Carbon fiber Gas Cap
ForceFedFlesh Carbon fiber FL Fog Light Surrounds
ForceFedFlesh Carbon fiber Exterior Pillars
Ark Antenna
Air Rock FL Eye Lines
Rolled fenders

(Currently sits)

(Things pending)

(Older Images)

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spark plugs are a mod?
Lol Nice eye I copied and pasted. I had a list of things I've replaced I thought I deleted it all. I guess that one I over looked.
Have been in a car with sold engine mounts? Do you realize your car is going to be a giant vibrator when you install them?
Yeah I don't mind it. I have a polyurethane rear motor mount in right now. I am not too happy with it. I think it gives the engine too much play. Solid mm's will help if or when I boost it.

you still wanting to go s/c? this is andrew240 btw..
Not sure. I've been waiting on an Eaton MP62 blower to pop up at a decent price for a year. So my s/c manifold has just been sitting this whole time. I think I might of found someone finally. If he bails on me I am just going to do n/a this year then maybe turbo it next year.

I am glad to see it has your approval then Mr. Gay Rights Activist. :D
hey cody glad to see u back
Hey thanks....Do I know you? lol

Good job keeping the car clean!
Thanks sir! Nice low and clean Accord you have.

zero to sixty in 5.6 miles...
:headbang:i will say the car does look damn good though, never seen a s/c or even a turbo tibby before, how much power can u expect if you boost it?
Thank you sir. Just depends really. Lots of variables like the size pulley, or the turbo size. I see a lot of turboed tibs (v6) that are just pushing 5psi usually land around 240hp depending on if their tuned or not. NGM s/c stage 0 (maybe 3-5psi) nets around 210hp-220hp. The highest turboed tiburon I've heard of 580hp (not sure if it was v6 or i4). The highest s/c tiburon I've seen of was 700hp (to the crank). I believe that was achieved with an SVT blower.
Sorry I messed up the 550hp (700hp to the crank) was a turboed one. It still doesn't beat the Korean ones I've seen on youtube though.

This is the same guy he produces the s/c kits for our community. This is his supercharged. The SVT kit put down 440hp.

Yeah they are fwd. They're not a good platform. The aftermarket isn't heavy with products so the prices are high on anything. They're not a n/a beast or anything so bolts on don't do a whole lot. If I were to do I/H/E, UIM (upper intake manifold), LIM (lower intake manifold), and maybe some mild cams my car might go from 150hp to 185hp. They're money pits. I went with it for the fact it was just right thing at the time and I've stayed with it because it's different.

If you plan on doing a turbo set up for a v6 you have to have it all custom done no pre made turbo manifolds or anything. Supercharger kits start off at $3k and go up to $5k. Tuning is always a hassle with them. Stock internals are only good up to 300hp turboed set ups have pushed a little past that. The highest n/a hp one in America only put down like 220hp.

With all that being said I am not one of those kids with wild dreams of putting down some crazy numbers or some shit. I live in reality for the most part. Mine hasn't done me wrong. I've beat on her several times before but for the most part I take care of her and she has returned the favor.

Clean car man!!! keep us updated!
Thank you! I try to aim for clean.
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Wow I forgot I had a member page here lol.

Some things have changed since I last posted here.
Let's see;
I got new wheels (before drop).

BBK installed

Megan Racing coil-overs (I got impatient waiting to save up for Teins).

Far as engine mods go I have a Mishimoto radiator, and Mishimoto trans cooler now.
Just some powder coating valve covers and lower manifold.

I have all I need to install the supercharger now. The only catch is I am sending it to Cali for some special treatment before she goes on.

Edit: O and OP has been edited.

O and how she sits now.
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I think it's a good thing you went with Megans over Teins....every set of Tein Coils I have ridden on that are newer are absolutely horrible. Never had a problem at all out of Megan Coils.
Hmm.... I'll take your word on it. Since it's coming from a guy with such a leet build! (Hats off for having a bad ass 240.)

This is true. I've seen way more blown Teins than Megan's. You have my attention for building something different.
True I know it's far from the smartest choice. I've reached the point with this car where I don't car about numbers or drag strip times. I just want to have a fun car that I enjoy driving.

Hmmm Rotora's... Yummy...
Yes sir! ;) Best investment yet IMO. Great company too by far one of the best customer services I've dealt with.

Last pic for the day.
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Hmm.... I'll take your word on it. Since it's coming from a guy with such a leet build! (Hats off for having a bad ass 240.)

haha well...I used to have a sweet ass build...unfortunately car is long gone now, but I apreciate the compliment man.....ventured into your world actually....I've got a 2012 genesis now lol
O hell yeah!
I remember this car......looking good dude
Hell yeah man! How's things going? I still have the pics you took of my car years ago. I appreciate all the pics, you're the only person to ever photograph the car. lol

pretty car, always liked how the tiburon looked (later generations). too bad they are just so small
Thanks! I wish they were smaller or lighter one of the two lol. I am over 6'2 and I don't have a problem fitting.
Looking good man this is a seriously good looking car and I'm not a fan of tiburons

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This looks like a decent build! I was not expecting when I clicked the link lol (sorry!)
Thanks guys! No it's cool lol. There aren't many out there done tastefully. Some of the best compliments come from people who hate tiburons or don't think much of them. Let's me know I am doing it right. :D

Looking nice! Really think they should have been RWD
I wish they were awd. The 04' Santa Fe's have the exact same engine and all but they are awd. Have you ever heard of a Spirra? It has the delta (same engine in my car) except it's a rwd mid engine.

Definitely a huge improvement over stock! Years ago there was a guy named Stuwart who had a panda tiburon like yours modded out.
Much appreciated!

Hmm in for pics of the interior for the heck of it.
These are the only interior pictures I have so far. I would take one today but the interior looks like shit. I am in the process of doing a blue light conversion so half my stuff is blue and orange.

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Nice car and looks great. Only question I have is: Why auto and how do the auto trans hold up to the power of a forced induction setup?
Daily driver, and I've seen them being able to hold over +300hp (that's double stock whp) without any modifications.
Good to known. And to each there own...I do not think a stick with a reasonable clutch is that bad to daily.
Well I thought I would go that route. But I did my homework and found out 03-04 tibs have horrible transmission problems. A buddy of mine that had an 04 had constant problems with the transmission.
Nice photoshop on removing the license plate numbers, how did you do that so clean, lol.
I am an old school photoshop guy I use ps7.

I'm kinda confused as to why people remove the numbers anyways lol

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I do it just because I don't want some asshat who might think it's funny to call in and report my car. lol

Damn straight!

On a side note since the last time I posted I had a tire come off a wheel. So I went back to my stock wheels. I guess it was partial stretched tires and a somewhat bad alignment made the right mixture to cause this.

Nothing special just some current pics.

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Front end looks good. Stretched tires are gay.
I agree I absolutely can't stand when the lip of a wheel has a gap between it and the tire. I didn't mind mine so much because it was a subtle stretch compared to what I am used to seeing online. Thanks front still isn't done yet, I've got two pieces to add/change up. New wheels and tires should be on in a couple of months. Definitely going with a more performance geared set up with light weight wheels, beefy tires, ect.

Not a fan of Tiburon's at all, but this one looks really clean. And as everyone stated above, this car should've been RWD. I hate when auto manufacturers take a car that has potential of being cool, and ruin it with FWD. I used to have a 2004 Dodge Stratus R/T and that thing had some spunk and would've been awesome with a 5spd and RWD...something to compete with low end Mustangs perhaps. Nevertheless, was built as average crap and lost in the sea of worthless vehicles.

Nice Tiburon.
Thank you sir! At least they went somewhat in the right direction with the Genesis.

Supercharger looks sick.
Thanks! Took long enough to get it back and it's still not done. I will be sending the rotor pack out in a couple of weeks to get them drilled to make them light weight. Then it's getting rebuilt. The bearings got ruined when they dipped the blower.
Looking good man!
Holy shit!! I haven't heard from you in a good while. How's things been man? Still have the tib?
A little bit closer to finishing the supercharger build just need light weight rotor pack, and have it rebuilt. Just got my manifold back in the mail today.

My cat even loves gold!! ;)

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I haven't really done much to the car since I last updated this. I bought a set of NGM heads (stiff valve springs). I sent the intake manifold off again for it to get re powder coated I didn't like the color combination with the blue and gold. New color will be a different color and a little darker. I also picked up another transmission a lot less miles and I plan on getting some work done to it. I received my heat exchanger a couple of days ago. I am possibly going to have it anodized as well.

Once I receive my intake manifold, valve covers, and fuel rails I will only have a couple of things left on to do on the supercharger project. I will be looking for new hoses steel braided ones for the coolant lines, a cobra water pump, reservoir tank, a MAPECU tuner, and gauges. I am still debating on whether or not I want to boost a 150k mile engine.. When I turn the boost up I am planning on going another block, CP pistons, and Pauter rods.

How she currently looks.

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