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06 Saleen GOOD PRICE!!!!

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Name: Tray Harris
Location: Smyrna
Contact: 615-971-7037 any time. or P/M
Vehicle: 06 Mustang Saleen Super changed 425hp 435tq Manual Tranny
Price: $23,000
Miles: 42k


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O yah good one. or maybe my dad is a Car dealer and he just asked me to put them on here for him? i have no idea how u thought up such a idiotic story in that lil puny brain of urs but gj. now please drive ur self to the nearest bridge and drive off of it. thx come again.
ok look not trying to be rude but dont be on here leaving comments that dont have anything to do with the sale of this vehicle, thanks. now someone buy this car!!! lol
nothing really. the windshield has a crack in it but thats going to be replaced this week.
1 - 8 of 27 Posts
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