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08 sti can fit big boy tires.

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So I had heard it was much easier to fit a nice size tire on the 08 hatch sti's. IAG performance did it up big. 18x10 295's

all can be found here

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That's the sickest new STI I've seen.
Atleast they fixed the nasty tail lights. STill looks like butthole though
i digg it
Wow, that is killer... some good meat... good meat.
thats fresh
still not a huge fan of the new ones though..
best one ive seen so far
not a fan of newer sti's but definatly dggin those wheels, id love to have wide ass rims like that!
shit i for one love the new STIs. this one is especially sick. its white :D
Are those Advan RGII's. Look very close to it. Damn thats some fat tires..
vinny just wishes he had time to put fat ass tiers on a car before it burns to the ground...too soon? rofl. Vinny get ur ass another car and come back to Tennakee!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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