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1977 Toyota Celica GT Liftback

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I recently purchased Brent's newly-acquired Celica GT, and wanted to start a build thread. Many (including my wife) thought that it was ridiculous to buy a car such as this, but it's one of those cars that I've grown up around and after my first experience around one (and also a 1980 Celica), thanks to my neighbor owning both - I thought that if I ever had any extra money, I'd purchase one sometime. Part of my mentioning to Brent that was with the money that I purchased this vehicle, he would use it to handle his 1975 and get back on the path. I'm glad that I could assist him with this one, due to the fact that I hate to see such a special project stalled.

When Brent initially posted this car I thought to myself, "Christ... That's a lot of money... what am I going to do with this thing should I purchase it? What could I do with the money had I decided to save-save-save?" Upon hashing through this, I decided to sit on it for an evening. Looking at other Celicas online (and Datsun 510s, because I have always wanted one of those), I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and purchase Brent's car, due to the fact that it was local, I knew Brent, and the car was a great color. Many will say, "Just paint it whatever you want", but it's not as easy as that. I was tired of seeing YELLOW and BROWN Celicas. Every single one that I saw was some color that just sucked. Finding out that Brent's had working A/C was a big thing for me - because every one that I'd ever seen had none, or it was broken.

Sometimes, it's just fun to purchase/restore something from your childhood. So, with that being said - this is going to be a HARD project, but I've already gotten started with a parts list and purchased many other items from Roman at Toyota, and Rick at TOYHEAD (Classic Toyota Restoration).

Vehicle - 1977 Toyota Celice GT Liftback (Blue on White Interior)


Performance Category

-Front Strut Tower Brace Adjustable (Whiteline Type)
-Front Camber/Caster Adjustable Strut Tower Plates
-Camber Plate Upper Hat System
-Front Strut Rods
-Front Sway Bar (Adjustable)
-Rear Sway Bar (Adjustable)
-Rear Axle Traction Brackets
-Rear Pan Hard Rod with Adjustable Settings
-Performance Lowering Coil Spring Set

Bushing Category

-Front Lower Control Arm Bushings (extra)
-Rear Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings

Interior Category

-Dash Pad Restore Kit + Adhesive
-Shift Boot (Leather)
-Complete Carpet Rug Set (Passenger Compartment F and R)
-Rear Cargo Area Carpet Set
-Brake and Clutch Foot Pedal Rubber Covers
-Interior Door Handle Bezels (White)
-Clips for Interior Panels
-Door Glass Window Crank (X 2)
-Door Crank Retaining Clip (X 2)
-Plastic Washer Under Door Crank

Exterior Category

-Door Hinge Repair Kit/Pin Kit
-Grille Mounting Clips
-Door Bumper Rubber (X 2)
-Hood Adjustable Rubber Bumper (X 2)
-Rear Side Marker Lens (X 2)
-Plastic Clips for Rocker Mouldings (PLEASE INCLUDE PROPER COUNT, as I am unsure)
-Antenna Replacement Kit (Pillar Mount)

Drivetrain/Clutch/Transmission/Rear Diff Category

-Clutch Slave Cylinder
-Clutch Master Cylinder
-Transmission Mount

Steering/Suspension/Brakes/Bearing Category

-Front Control Arm (R and L sides)
-Steering Idler Arm Assembly
-Steering Tie Rod (Inner)
-Steering Tie Rod (Outer)
-High Performance Front and Rear Braided Stainless Brake Line Kit
-Brake Master Cylinder Complete Assembly (with reservoir cups, caps, and sensors)
-Brake Rotors (OEM Type)
-Brake Pads (OEM Type)
-Brake Caliper/Piston Assembly (X 2 for Front) (My car will have 14 inch wheels)


TRD Tosco or Hoshinos...

Roman at Beaman Toyota was nice enough to help me once again. This time, instead of purchasing things out of necessity due to them being broken or destroyed, the route was more of an, "I'd like to have this part, it'd be much better than putting the original back on the car" scenario. Weatherstripping and Mouldings are ordered, along with some other items. THANK YOU, Roman - you really helped me out on this one.

When the parts come in the mail (or into Beaman for pickup), I'll post pictures.

The car is still in Murfreesboro, so I'll be getting it this weekend and plan to remove the interior and engine/driveline over the next two weeks (whenever I can find the time). Paint and body come shortly afterwards. The car will remain the original color, and as far as the interior - it will have period-correct parts, minus whatever I cannot source.

No bitching about pictures of the car - you all already know what it looks like (if you don't, check Brent's thread)

P.S. - Be sure to hang on the COUCH for more updates. (LAWL)
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