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1985 corolla gts for trade: $1000 cash

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1985 ae86
The good: new timing belt, gts corolla, runs
the bad: needs some body work, needs clutch installed, dash cracked, dash vibrates, there is probably more.
For trade offers accepted

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love it man will make a awsome projek for someone miss my AE86 G/L with sale TTT
I can also vouch for this car....needs work but would be a great project
no I don't want a neon. I have the title straight on the rolla but I need more for it now because it is worth more to me and I am probably going to put a clutch in it if I get the 20v done.
I have the title clear on this car now so it is a kinda rare 85 corolla gts for sale needs TLC but anyways all it really needs is a clutch and I have one that is almost brand new off my other corolla.
man i will trade you a 91 s-10
85_rx7_fb said:
man i will trade you a 91 s-10
Trade so he can drive it over and help me fix mine! LOL
take it home $1000 that is alot less than a 1500 one that don't run!
dam i got that in my pocket right now,but i need gas for next week,suck i cant have it trade you my 240 for it,are she need is wiring harness and she be running again
240rice said:
take it home $1000 that is alot less than a 1500 one that don't run!
Atleast mines all one color scheme and straight body! LOL And I have a freshly rebuilt engine and transmission. Just a wiring issue for me...wanna part out the Harness??

If I had the cash Ide buy it from you for parts.
need this thing gone will drive anywhere reliably
the only thing is if you try to get in it hard the clutch will slip sometimes. You have to get in it pretty hard though I drive this car about everyday.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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