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1993 Chevy 1500 4.8 swap

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Well, since I've lost my keys I will be home for a bit. Might as well make a build thread right?

Starting with this:

1993 RCSB c1500 v6. I am the third owner. she has 285k on her but drives better than just about any car/truck i have ever driven. The guy before me had it since 1995 and has treated it wonderful. Complete new a/c system last year, shocks, bushings, tires, etc. If the seat didn't have a rip and the paint was not shot, it would be just like a new truck.

But its slow. Very Very slow. So why a 4.8 and not a 5.3? because I still want to get 20+ on the hwy, and I will only be towing the jetskis with it. Plus down the road a turbo makes up for the displacement loss and still keeps the mpg.

So I bought this:

And a bunch of stuff to put it in with.

And that's where I am as of now. Still waiting on a few parts from ups. Then a trip to the junkyard for new keys, and a few misc things I need for the swap, and it will be going in. Hope to have it back on the road by the end of the month.
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I approve of this build. It will be a ton of fun. Any plans to lower it?
Yes. But not for a few months. Motor swap and jet skis drained me. Going to go with a 2/4, not too low. Going to add a rear sway bar, bigger front sway bar, better shocks, and some other goodies when I do.
My 4.8L was a dog when it came to pulling things. It made for a nice highway cruiser though.
I hope its good on the highway. Finally got to the junkyard, so project it going to happen this weekend if the weather is decent. I've got everything I need minus an exhaust system, but I've got enough shit laying around I'm sure I can make something up.
Well, got the v6 out. Have one mount to swap on the cross member, and the new setup is ready to drop in.

My only problem now is my harness. The harness is off a 2006 van, motor is a 2006 silvarado. Both 4.8 but the oil pressure sensor, iacv, and tps plugs are different. So I've got to figure something out asap.

Anyone have a spare early LS harness available? I just need a few plugs or I will but the whole harness.
Got the LS dropped in, trans is on, driveshaft is in. Need to hook up the ac, and some wires. Then she is good to go.
good looking build. looking forward to seeing it run
Its alive!!! Kind of!!! Got fuel hooked up. Wired it all up. Turn the key, fired right up!! Then, shut right off!! It did sound awesome for a second though.

I got a harness from an express van, just because I've never seen one with VATS before. Well, I guess I got one that does. Starts, runs about 2 seconds, dies. Over and over. Not a fuel issue I've got the pump hardwired to a switch for testing.

So, now I need to find someone with HPturners willing to let me buy a license and use the software for a few minutes.

Unless anyone has any other ideas??

Once that's solved, I've got a transmission cooler to install, pray the transmission is good once I fill it with fluid, fill the PS up, install an electric fan, and make up the exhaust. Just about there!
Call James and see what he thinks

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I don't have his number. Mine is 900-9460 if you wanna give it to him.
I'm eventually going to do the same swap in my beater truck. Im holding out for a 6.0.
Got it running on starting fluid a few minutes ago. Runs great. Revs nice, no weird ticks or noises. Ecu goes out Monday to get tuned. So hopefully next weekend and will be on the road. Stuck till the ecu comes back.
Congrats man. Good luck with the tune

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The ecu is off on its mission. The guy tuning it seems to know his shit. Its all he does as a full time job. So, hopefully it comes back good to go. I just want to get it running on its own. Paying a midget to sit in the engine bay and spray starting fluid to keep it running, is going to cost an arm and a leg...
just cut a coil off the front and put shackles and hangers on the rear. I had a 91 in highschool and it set it just right

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Who'd you send it off to?
Guy that runs LT1swap.com. Hopefully all will be well soon. I saw good reviews so... We shall see.
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