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1993 Chevy 1500 4.8 swap

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Well, since I've lost my keys I will be home for a bit. Might as well make a build thread right?

Starting with this:

1993 RCSB c1500 v6. I am the third owner. she has 285k on her but drives better than just about any car/truck i have ever driven. The guy before me had it since 1995 and has treated it wonderful. Complete new a/c system last year, shocks, bushings, tires, etc. If the seat didn't have a rip and the paint was not shot, it would be just like a new truck.

But its slow. Very Very slow. So why a 4.8 and not a 5.3? because I still want to get 20+ on the hwy, and I will only be towing the jetskis with it. Plus down the road a turbo makes up for the displacement loss and still keeps the mpg.

So I bought this:

And a bunch of stuff to put it in with.

And that's where I am as of now. Still waiting on a few parts from ups. Then a trip to the junkyard for new keys, and a few misc things I need for the swap, and it will be going in. Hope to have it back on the road by the end of the month.
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nice, you'll see my ass in the drag strip on Tuesday.
Now let's spray it. I have 2 kits of nitrous, 150 on the first kit then another 150 on the second kit.
Nice. I need to get mine tuned. Yours is a stock 4.8 right?
1 - 3 of 79 Posts
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