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1993 Chevy 1500 4.8 swap

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Well, since I've lost my keys I will be home for a bit. Might as well make a build thread right?

Starting with this:

1993 RCSB c1500 v6. I am the third owner. she has 285k on her but drives better than just about any car/truck i have ever driven. The guy before me had it since 1995 and has treated it wonderful. Complete new a/c system last year, shocks, bushings, tires, etc. If the seat didn't have a rip and the paint was not shot, it would be just like a new truck.

But its slow. Very Very slow. So why a 4.8 and not a 5.3? because I still want to get 20+ on the hwy, and I will only be towing the jetskis with it. Plus down the road a turbo makes up for the displacement loss and still keeps the mpg.

So I bought this:

And a bunch of stuff to put it in with.

And that's where I am as of now. Still waiting on a few parts from ups. Then a trip to the junkyard for new keys, and a few misc things I need for the swap, and it will be going in. Hope to have it back on the road by the end of the month.
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just cut a coil off the front and put shackles and hangers on the rear. I had a 91 in highschool and it set it just right.
I need to get something for the back of mine. The LS dropped it another inch or so. Looks weird.
I need to get something for the back of mine. The LS dropped it another inch or so. Looks weird.
shackles should give you about 2 inches
Got this back today. Can't wait till tomorrow.
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It is alive! More to come this weekend. Going to finish everything up and tidy up the wiring tomorrow. 4.8 swap first start: http://youtu.be/SUUDTHJ4zU0
Finally some good fucking news. Got my new mounts, got them swapped. Wiring is done until I feel like redoing the harness. I don't care how it looks right now. Its still shaped like a van harness. So yea. Fuck it. Belt is on. Intake of sorts is on. Its full of coolant. All I've got to do in the morning is throw in the driveshaft and pray the leak is gone. And go do burnouts. And then post them on YouTube and here.
Looking forward to watch the burnouts

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I was too. Apparently I was sold a bad transmission. No gears. Not even reverse. No fluid out the cooler lines. So the pump is shot. And now I am screwed.
That sucks. I hate and love the 4l60e

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I wish I had the cash for a t56. Or at least a 4l80.
I would get a 4l80 if it was me. I've heard its the least stressful after its in

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If I can't find a replacement for a decent price, I'll be ordering up a pump off eBay after ripping this trans apart to look for any other damage. Just pissed right now. Runs so damn nice. Ac blows cold. Power steering works great. It wants to go drive. But has no drive. Or anything else. Lol.
I know what you mean. My shifter cable broke one day in my Nova going to a show. I was pissed

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if you have to build one go ahead and do a 4l80
I want to. I'd be fine with a non pwm 80 out of a 92-96 too. But I'd also have to send my ecu out, again, for a retune. If I find one at the junkyard I'll do it though.
Just got back from the junkyard. Got a 4l60 to put in for now and grabbed a 4l80 to rebuild for later when the boost happens. Hopefully this 60 is good. Seems good from what I could test on the ground.

Would just run the 80 now as is but it has 350k miles on it (truck had 350k anyways) and my ecu would need a new tune to shift it.

So hopefully 2-4 hours from now burnout videos. Wish me luck.
Took a shit load longer than I wanted... But she is alive and driving. Its dark. No video. Black truck, no street lights, night time.... Bad for video.

If I'm off Tuesday early enough I'll see you fuckers at the drag strip.
nice, you'll see my ass in the drag strip on Tuesday.
nice, you'll see my ass in the drag strip on Tuesday.
Better than the dragstrip being in your ass.

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