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1993 Nissan 240sx Coupe

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Name: Dan aka EMODAN
Item and description (pics included) see below
Price: trade
Location: mboro
Contact information: 615-427-5124//reply//PM

I have many vouches on how clean this car is inside and out since people always mess with the steering wheel lol... this is one of the cleanest s13 coupes around people.
1993 Nissan 240sx aka the bassboat (super flake see pics)
The motor has approximately 40k on it yes. 40k the body has 160K (odometer stopped workin at 142k)

1997 240sx Motor Swap
Megan 3' Drift Spec Exhaust
Megan Fully Adjustable Coilover Damper Kit
Megan Camber kit
Megan toe rods
Megan Sway Bars x3
Megan front and rear Strut Bars
8000K Hids
H4 Converted Headlights
Silvia Badged
S14 Seats
Sportmax 002's HYPERSILVER
20% Tint
GReddy Counterweight Knob
Momo Quick Release Steering Wheel
* more mods i just cant think *

the bad:
needs tires
needs brake (i have uninstalled)
fan is on a switch
slightly off allignment
gutted rear interior (have all to install it)
no glovebox

I am not looking for anything in particular but mostly honda's... a clean ef and crx will get my attention...

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no not until its sold. which i know i wont find anything i want
i could be pending for a 1998 Acura Integra GSR supersonic blue pearl..
i am really only open to trades
there is showcase for that aaron... atleast mine is running with non rattle can paint
im sure youll have it someday 4x4le :)
its clean but ive already had a 92 gsr b17a1
^i will consider it though..
on si's or slips?
im not looking to sell for $ because i do have to have ar ide to work and school about everyday... and the reason i bump up so much cars is because of what i feel comfortable in and profit.. i bought my first car for $900.. traded around.. and sold my da for 4200.. i get offers for this car of like 02 VW GTI's but i am not looking for profit anymore.. i want something more comfortable.. maybe newer
i never stated a price i just told you a fuck around price and i never wanted 2 sell it for cash. you can close this.
thats cool... but when many people see this in person they change their minds.. yours might not because you are mindset on how much you think its worth.. i dont need to take loans from friends 2 get some cheap car. CLOSE.
1 - 14 of 36 Posts
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