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7K no less or S2k trade
Car is south of Nashville in Spring Hill, TN.

Here is a pretty rare opportunity for someone who can appreciate this car which turns heads everywhere I take it and has never given me problems and is a BLAST to drive also it is a 1996 CX model which means it is the lightest ek hatch made with no annoying rear wiper and what a/c?

I bought it in May of 06 (original thread http://www.hondamarketplace.co...16010). I have added a lot to the car and put 16k miles on it since then it was always garage kept and has probably only been driven 10 times since last May when I bought a dd car. All of the suspension components have less then 4k miles on them. I am firm on the price because I am in NO hurry to sell for a lot of reasons the only trade I would consider is a S2000 and cash from me.


Original Paint in good shape except a few scratches remember ORIGINAL
Real SIR lip
Antennae block off plate
Bumper plugs up front
Black Emblems
VIS C/F duckbill
Painted Side Skirts/Trim/Door Handles
Spoon replica mirrors

SI cluster (actual mileage 185,xxx)
Yellow Stitch Boot
Buddy Club Knob
Broadway Mirror
Needs A CD player the one I had burnt out.....
Kenwood speakers all around
Comes with stock seats
Momo wheel
Momo Hub

16 inch custom painted 5zigen fnor-c with newish Falken Azenis
Tokico Illuiminas
Ground Control Coilovers (custom rates)
Ground Control Extended Top Hats on all 4 corners
ASR Sub Frame Brace
SI Rear Sway Bar (ITR on backorder)
Neuspeed Upper Front and Rear Tie Bars (solid pieces)

B16a2 with about 70k on it
EX harness used so no splicing
GSR Cams (was gonna boost)
Custom completely shaved valve cover plus a spare
Apexi World Sport Exhaust
ACT pressure plate
ACT pro lite flywheel
ACT heavy duty clutch (hope you have a strong leg)
Prothane shifter bushings
AEM ITR application CAI (nice)
Chipped p28 with an obd-1 conversion.

Nokya Yellow Headlight Bulbs
Rear disc swap with steel braided lines included not yet installed
car sits on the grids currently but will come with the 5zigens also

Windshield has a chip in it
stock mounts ftl


http://rock.xaled.com/files/Seat!.jpg Stock seat now

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nice man. i love that color. and the FNs are sick in their own right. glws. god knows you need it since tennspeed is a bunch of broke asses >.<

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man your selling this?!
its soooo clean im the guy that bought those del sol fat fives off you a few months back glws

Yea, I have only driven the car one time since that day! That was what October? I doubt it will sell but there is no rush I am really hoping for a S2K trade.

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Pop this up like a huge ripe n' juicy shoulder pimple

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clean whip man

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Not even playin

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Brinign it back
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