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So im posting this up again... Mostly just looking for trades for anything as long as its not a V8.

Name John
Price 6,000 OBO WOULD LIKE to trade though for something of equal or lesser value
Location The boro
Contact information PM me as im on everyday usually

2000 Ford mustang
Convertible - Newer it was replaced by previous owner at some point
All leather and power options including drivers seat
Decent cd player - Stock speakers
Short shifter
Cold air intake
Lowered 1 inch
Comes with 10k HID's but the passenger balst is out and will randomly come on ? I may be able to find a replacement though.
Oil changed every 2500 miles with castrol synthetic
Just replaced all the diff fluids and everything else less than 5000 miles ago

The good- Brand new Fr500's with less than 500 miles on them 17x9's in front with 275/40/17's and 17x 10.5's in rear with 315/35/17's They look pretty sick. ( to bad its a v6 ) Just put on some new Gt side scoops also that a purchased from another member. Everything works as it should, Convertible so little girls like ( Pedobear approved! )

The bad- Front & Rear bumpers are not color matched and have imperfections as do the side skirts
Has tear in drivers leather seat which is common in these model mustangs with leather
drivers side floor mat is a little worn, Door locks work at times with remote and others not ( I think they just need to be grounded out or connectors cleaned)
keyed on passenger side

On to pics

WARNING!.. If you click on the pictures then they blow up huge. I forgot to resize these yet again , but will do it later tonight if i get any interest.


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Edited with new pictures...

Looking really for a trade for some kind of import , Just not one that is older then early 90's.

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Damn thats pretty tempting, I was actaullt thinking about getting a Z . I just wish it was a manual. Let me think about it.

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you can convert it to 5 spd..there is a lot of swaps on z1
I have a damn good Auto transmission though..it's an upgraded one from z1
but you can sell it for at least 600-800 dollars and convert to 5 spd..and maybe eventually TT convert
I love the car i just want something different
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