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So I picked up a 03 Spec-v back at the first of the year as a roller. It had a wire tuck and fuses relocated stock ride height, no exhaust or anything just came with a transmission.

First a got an engine from someone that said it was rebuilt but wouldn't run so pulled it apart and find timing was off so I put ARP headstuds and brand new OE head gasket, and replaces timing chain and added a jwt bsr kit in. Engine also came with a eBay cold air and ebey header. Also got all a/c parts and a door to fix a big dent in it. I then made a side exit exhaust so it had something so I could drive it. I also added some eibach sport line springs to it.

When I got it

Then a couple months ago I traded my header, intake, and an extra engine I had for a built engine that needed work and turbo kit. The engine is still apart and I sold the kit and got a DC rep header and a 2.5" stromung exhaust, an another cold air, then just last week I added a nx proton nitrous kit and added the 75 shot jets in it.

How it sits now


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Damn ricky i didnt put 2 and 2 together till now. Didn't realize you were on here also. I want to make the meet next weekend but have to setup a new dr office. More money to play though.
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