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240sx build UPDATES!!!

so ive had my 240sx for a few weeks havent had any money to get it registered so i can drive it, lol..AND i nEED A PIGGY FROnT END!!!!!
but the plan goes as follows...in order....
nismo subframe bushing kit
ksport camber kit
tanabe sustec pro five coilovers
cusco upper comtrol arms
megan lower control arms
tein inner/outer tie rods
cusco chromoly roll cage
aero designescross strut tower bar
megan racing front (upper & lower) rear (upper & lower) strut bars
tanabe sustec front and rear sway bars
battle version rear toe kit
battle version traction arms

xxr 501 black 16x8
Dunlop SP Sport 9000 195/40zr16

sr t25 turbo
sr 370cc injectors
megan racing manifold
megan down pipe
greddy fmic + pipeing
z32 maf
msd blaster2 coil
jgs oil line kit

repaint nissan black
MAYBE origin kit
kouki tails
5% tint all that way arround


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I have a piggy lip if you need one..also the old t25 off of my SR if you are going to go that route on your ka-t. maybe some wheels too, lol. maybe some more stuff, make a definitive list and post it up.

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yeah. the whole car is being spray painted flat black.
not because i like it but because it is too hard to paint it maroon and im poor.
and the suspension is tanabe coils with megan supporting peices.
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