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240sx dohc swap

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What all is required to swap a soch head with a dohc head on a 240sx HB?? I think I know most of it but I want to be completely sure. i know head of course, intake mani. and upper wiring harness? This is all I know of.
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too much work and not worth it honestly. just find a DE.
and the single cam block is a complete differant design.
I have a dohc, with a broken rod and crank, everything else is fine....either way you would still have to swap the wiring harness just as you would with just swaping the heads so i dont see how swaping the motor is so much easier. Im gettin a SOHC car and have the dohc motor laying beside the dohc car i already have. Just wanted to know what all would HAVE to be changed. ECU? Exhaust manifold? stuff like that
and the single cam block is a complete differant design.
I know the compression is a little lower and if i'm not mistaken the rods are stronger? But are the oil and water journals in different locations or what?
nah fuck it if you got money do it,fuck what these guys have to said.
and build you a home made itbs.wink wink,

you got the money do it
i have a complete bottom end i will sell you. it only needs pistons and the cylinder walls honed a little bit. and it comes with all accesories like power steering/ac/alt etc...

PM me if you are intrested
that one good wright up.

buy aye bee bottom end fix it,time it and drop that bitch in your hatch.
man is eazy ass hell,i did mine(in a week),with my buddy 98 kouki ka.
i did that swap with the tranny still in the car,ppl say it was hard doing it like that but i didnt run thru any problem,just say i spend last then 500 on that swap,that with the motor.
thanks for the help, im financailly screwed right now so the car maybe for sale like the S15 lights and fenders already are lol. I would get that bottom end off of you otherwise aye bee
o yeah make sure you get a s13 dohc maf,that what fuck me up,thx aye bee you the cooles
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