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Front lip

240sx front lip...

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okay for a while i was like hell no.. bt i found a DISCONTINUED xenon front lip.. that everyone loves for 250$.. should i get it? examples.


with the wheels i want and all!!!

or should i go pignose front lip?
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Personally, I'm a fan of no lip + lower car.

So....lower your car more. :thumbup:
OEM front ftw ... but i think the rear needs something extra, since from the side its much higher than the sides/front

just because everyone loves it doesnt mean you should too
Oh, and the first picture you posted has an almost perfect drop.

You should follow suit.
i voted for no front lip, cuz if you dont buy it, i wantz it!
it looks sick!
dude its a website lol.. that has them for sale.. for 300ish 250ish... so yes lip no lip.. pm me for link... and are u going to the s chasis meet?
I agree with Pattywak, No lip and lower your car a little bit more. #1 is hot
i say pignose lip. Simply if you hit something with the xenon lip its fuked. Where if you hit something with the pignose lip you can still use it the pignose lip has alot of play in it.
I voted piggy...cuz, i mean...

just look at it :)
(more pics upon request ;])

I'll be lower...eventually

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I agree with Pattywak, No lip and lower your car a little bit more. #1 is hot
Hells yeah, someone who shares my frame of mind.
i will fuckin meet you one day dude. we have alot of the same opinions on cars LOL. ill come out on friday meet
I jus got my xenon lip in an love it. Im not gonna fully mount it till im lowerd. BTW where in the hell did you find it for 250? I paid 300 for lip plus shipping.
nico club son... is it worth buying? polyurethene right?
dude why you even postin a thread over it. get that shit!
I say piggy if you have that bumper I mean if you trash it they are cheaper than a urethane and if you have a 91-94 the xenon is very attractive but i mean i couldnt justify the cost i mean if you want the asthetics just get a full blown kit
i still dunno what to do people help me! lol
i still dunno what to do people help me! lol
Here you go, it's a step by step plan.
1. Go outside.
2. Spin your coilovers down two more inches.
3. Profit.
just do what you want dan. jesus christ lol.
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