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240sx s13 5 lug or no.?

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i been debating on this swap for awhile now. i have a set of wheels that i want for my 4 lug but i got a set of s14 se wheels also i wanna have on the car. problem is they dont make that other wheel in 5 lug. i want the better braking power but wanna stay 4 lug. i dont wanna have other discs drilled does anyone know of a bigger brake setup with out goin 5 or drilling???i know i could always sell them 4 lug wheels later on if i wanted . hmm help? also does anyone thing 240sx discussion needs its on thread ??
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Altima brakes are bigger and 4 lug. A couple other nissans use 2 piston calipars and are 4 lug. But just redrill the 5lug rotors to 4lug. its not unsafe aslong as you spread them out. And plus you will love the way z brakes fill. I have z brakes on my car, its 4lug. locking the fronts up at 40mph= bad ass.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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