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240sx s13 5 lug or no.?

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i been debating on this swap for awhile now. i have a set of wheels that i want for my 4 lug but i got a set of s14 se wheels also i wanna have on the car. problem is they dont make that other wheel in 5 lug. i want the better braking power but wanna stay 4 lug. i dont wanna have other discs drilled does anyone know of a bigger brake setup with out goin 5 or drilling???i know i could always sell them 4 lug wheels later on if i wanted . hmm help? also does anyone thing 240sx discussion needs its on thread ??
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yea since jdm wheels are the only way these days u can get anyway will putting wheels on ur cat and not gettin the stupid ricer comments.
Oh yea, Well I couldnt tell


wait for my new setup
early chritmas... hmm iono but when i get back from houston ill show u what i did get.
just use spec v rotors they are stock 11'' just like the 5 lug z32 rotors and they are the same lug pattern as the 240
will z32 calipers fit on a spec v rotor?
yeah when i had my spec i put the z32 calipers on it and all i had to do was take 1/8th of inch of diameter out of the rotor but that was because the mounting was lower on the spec than it was on the 240
there are issues when using them rotors on s-chassis with z32 calipers. Dont do it.
there are issues when using them rotors on s-chassis with z32 calipers. Dont do it.
Really? I didnt think there would be what kind of issues?
I didnt either. There was a thread about it on 240sxforums.com with pictuers and others saying they had tried it as well.
I couldnt find the thread but I found out whats up with it. The spec v rotors are 22mm where the z32 calipers are either 28 or 30mm depending on which ones you get
so what would be the better for braking power on my s13?
What are your needs? how much power do you make? How hot are you getting them? Do you track the car on a road course? Auto-x? Drift? That will play a large role. The sky really is the limit but your talking about some big and expensive wheels if you want the ultimate stopps, but I doubt youll need that. Tell me what your doing with it. Ive had a few different brake setups on s13s with different uses on the cars.
Stay 4 lug Nate. I had a big brake conversion kit for my FB where I could put FC 5-lugs on it and decided just to stay 4 lug. Too much work for not enough gain IMHO.
my 240 now once its back on the road will be running a boosted ka goal is about 240 to 260hp. it is built for drift but still streetable cause this car will be gettin me into the drift scene and after that i will build a full blown drift car out of my other 240. but for now its a semi dd but mostly drift. the wheels i am running are volk 17's bigger tires in back than in front.
word forums are the shiznit
And you used to think I was gahy for getting on them all the time. I think you could benefit from being on 240sxforums.com more. I know you have a screen name on there. Zilvia.net has allot of really smart people on there compared to 240sxforums however they tend to be way too opinionated on some dumb shit because of certain people who have tried to brain wash people. Everyone on there thinks people are dumb for running 9:1 compression on turbo motors. They all think that 8.8 compression is the perfect ratio for turbo setups, and 9:1=a ticking time bomb. Fucking .2 ponts!?!? Wtf, only because one of the guys that everyone tries to ride his dick recommends some bullshit piston brand that can be had for less and many people ended up going with. Some of the guys could say the sky is green and shit. Its like I like zilvia and dont like it for the same reasons. There is great information and great misinformation. I can read through the bullshit but allot of these guys are brain washing people that know nothing. Nicco seems really cool too but I dont seem to spend much time on there.

Forums are the shiz though.
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The conversion is fairly straight forward and not to costly if you do the work yourself. I would go 5lug.
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