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240sx, sr20, GReddy, A/C, s15, s14

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Well never posted what actually happened to my car other than the fact it sold. ended up parting it out to get the money i needed out of it and I've got a bunch of stuff leftover that I need to get rid of so here it goes....will have pics up tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

Matt Willoughby
Smyrna, TN
PM or txt if needed 615 482 1737

1 piece steel driveshaft from driveshaftshop.com. rated for over 700whp. 200 bucks. Will work with sr or ka

GReddy Spec M with all necessary piping minus hotpipe. 300 bucks

FReddy Polished Intake Manifold. Worked great on my car. 200 bucks

s14 AC condensor, compressor, and lines, and everything necessary for ac in your s14. 150 obo

Complete s14 harness prewired for an s13SR20det with everything needed to power your sr....250 bucks PLUS your factory upper and lower harness from your s14. Thats the ONLY way ill get rid of this.

Cold pipes for the aftermarket intake manifold, or the stock one. I will sell whichever doesn't sell with the fmic kit.

Shaved s13 SR20DET valve cover painted/cleared. 125 dollars, or 75 PLUS your factory valve cover.

Also a VIS OEM carbon fiber hood which will have a fresh coat of clear on it to the person if anyone can find someone who's willing to trade for a stock s15 steel hood....cough shubash!! TRADE ONLY

Thats all I can think of right now off the top of my head, but I have quite a few other things I need to add to it, so just pm or text me with questions, and like I said, I'll have pictures uploaded tomorrow or tonight. I have many vouches available for these parts so don't worry about what you are buying as far as quality/shape of them.
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thanks for meeting up with me today looking forward to business with you
Not a problem at all man! Sucks that the driveshaft won't work

Cliffnotes.....driveshaft is for non abs s14's.

Forgot to mention in original post.
Might still be able to make the drive shaft work. We have a non ABS pumpkin that could be swapped - researching now - standby for reply.
Sounds awesome sir! Just lemme know!
Great to work with, helped me out with the price. Thanks again Matt, good luck with your next project :thumbup: :thumbup:
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