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3 inch v-band clamp kit

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Name: Roger Insyxiengmay
Item and description (pics included): 3inch v-band kit...2 flanges,1 clamp
Price: $35 picked up firm.
Contact information:pm,615-962-4841

Hey guys, for a very short amount of time,probably til tomorrow at the latest...I am selling my brand new v band kit. long story short, i ordered this kit, didnt fit my turbo. I'm seeing if anyone here local needs this kit, if not, i'm just going to send it to the guy i brought it from cause he said he'd refund me the full price.I only have one pic.this kit is 3 inches inside diamater(like all) perfect for 3 inch exhaust and etc.

**note, flexpipe and other v-band kit not included
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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