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300zxTT wheels

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Name: David Chamberlain
Contact: 615-975-1581
Location: White House, TN....pickup or pay for shipping only

Hey guys. Heres what I have for sale.

300zxTT staggered wheels, fair-good condition, needs tires but has some to roll on. $125 + log of timber wolf wintergreen long cut....get it wrong and deal is off..

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I thought the other day I read that they were 200. I was going to offer 125 but I would doubt you taking that if you want 250 for them. Let me know and if you have to hold on to them longer than you want my offer still stands.
125 for TT wheels? lol no thanks, id take 200... maybe!
ill trade you my 16s and or stock 96 se wheels
I dont have anything they could go on....so i think ima pass.
well damn thought i would ask any way i need to get rid of at least the 16s
go any lower? ill hold on to them before I sell them for 125
dude, your just screwing yourself over. Now Im offering $123 and half a can of longhorn strait longcut. Better take me up on it before I pop in another dip.
I hope no body buys them and then your forced to sell them to me for pennies on the dollar.

No actually would you mind taking some pictures of the tread in the worst spot on each tire with a penny heads down in the tread to show the depth of the tread. I honestly want the wheels and tires but I dont know if I can justify the price (not that its too high, Ive just been spending too much money lately.)
Gimp tire....smaller than the rest

A random tire with good tread

and the rears with no tread on the insides, but there actually the front wheels

Like I said, they need tires badly
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Im trying to decide if there is any other use I could use the tires for. If the rear wheels have the same tire size and the front wheels have the same tire size thats a good thing. Im kinda wanting to get a set of 16s cuz I already have 4 15's and 8 17's and 4 16's wouldnt be bad to have.

Humm, well actually I have 8 15's but 4 of them are for my other s13.
the front wheels were used in the rear and they are the same tires, just bad camber wear, the rears were in the fronts and 1 is smaller that the other, and the 2 fronts are 2 different tires. You could use them to fry off, make a video, then get new ones.
fronts are 7's and rears are 8's right?

Whats the sizes on all of them? If its off by just a little it might not be that bad but i would hate to screw up my diff drifting on them.
7.5 front 8.5 rear. and its only off my a little,

the 7.5s have the camber wear because they were put on the rear, the 8.5s are the diff sized ones. just put the 7.5s in the rear like they were already and fry them off drifting.....all thought i wouldnt recommend drifting on them, the wheels need new tires....badly
you should have seen how bad my last tires were that I drifted on and they somehow lasted all day. I dunno man. If im ever in the area sometime in the near future Ill make sure to hit you up and take a peek at them.
200 for the wheels, 150 for the testpipes.......GET EM NOWZ!
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