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I got these in a group buy for $85 over at ClubCivic.com. They come with a 1 year warranty. I wanted the 4300K because I wanted that Lexus, Cadillac, etc HID look. These look just like them!!
They pretty much made my fogs obsolete!


HID w/ Yellow fogs

Fogs alone

Halogen Hi beams

Hi beams w/ fogs

As you can see, the glare isnt that bad, I barely have any at all! It did make the road much more brighter. I catch myself staring at the road than the road ahead of me!

If you guys want a set, you can get them at www.xenonvisions.com

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uh, doesnt the Acura TL have TSX projectors? the ones ive seen do ...

and you have reflector optics housings designed for halogen bulbs, dont you?

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what...you make my head hurt...i dont think any factory would put hid's without projector lens... no cutoff...glare...dot standards
they are some cars with out projectors that have factory HIDs but the reflector lens has been modified to offer a sharp cut off

1999-2003 Acura TL/CL/RL
2002-2004 DC5 RSX

1998-2000 LS400
2001-2003 LS430
2001-2005 IS300
1998-2000 GS300

1999-2000 Q45
2002-2004 I35
2003-2005 G35 coupe/sedan

2002-2004 S430
1998-2004 Mercedes CLK
1998-2003 E class
C class
CL class

list goes on...

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Thats why I posted pics of my car having little glare. There are also many cars out there with OEM HID's and NO projectors.

spoolies post=fail.
The Lexus GS is one of them, but you'll notice that any manufacturer that does so, has a different mounting for the bulb inside said lens, and the lens will have lines and a different concavity on the inside that does not match the convex lines on the outside of the lens, per se.

No fail on Spoolie's part, just didn't know.

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so much confusion about a headlight..
They look good
thats all that matters
any pics lookin at the car?
Here are some pictures of the kit. Cameras cant really capture the true color of HID's. Here is my car.

Surprisingly, my GF does NOT have HID's. She has blue bulbs but this picture captures the color my HIDs really closely for some odd reason.
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