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I had thirty minutes to kill after placing my clothes in the dryer at the laundromat. Realizing that I had my camera in the car, I decided to adventure out and attempt to find something interesting to investigate.

I took a turn down Highway 70 away from Cookeville. I've always been interested by alot of the older buildings and signs off of 70. At one time, it was the main highway across Tennessee. Business thrived along 70! That is, until I-40 was built. Old buildings, Drive-In movie theaters, motels, and businesses can be found abandoned along the side of the road.

The building that caught my interest today was the Woodford Motor Co. showroom. Apparently, the business relocated closer into town years and years ago, but the building and lot still stands. As I came closer to the window and peered inside, I was amazed to find this discovery waiting for me!

The 1952 MG TD sitting within the decrepit building was nearly mint, with a pearly white finish, and chrome that still glimmered in the sunlight. How strange to find something valuable, clean, and pristine in such a decrepit building.

For some reason, the mood this building set rubbed off on me, and I wanted my edit to reflect it. I processed it to mimic an old color photograph, with the cross processed colors and the grain.


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Ventolin said:
Thanks dude. I realized today its alot harder to make a pic look shittier like its old, than it is to make it look better.
There is a cool trick to do this and get the same effect with film before you get it developed. Pm me for details

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^^for real.. lol especially in cookville.

great pics james.
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