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570AWHP for $37,000 OMG!!

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This is taken from www.importsnc.com

Due to a sorry ass buyer who didnt have the money and backed out on the day of friggin pick up. This is a post over on evom i have just opened back up. Been through alot with this thing going from selling it to keeping it about 5 times.

i am tired of people coming to look at the car and asking about it with no money.

2006 EVO IX TB SSL package just went over 28k ( BABIED MILES) CORRECTED JUST WENT OVER 33K

Technician Owned
Only used Mitsubishi oil filter
Only used Royal Purple XPR Racing 10w40
Only driven on weekends. (maybe 10 total days during the week)
Never seen snow, dirt roads, or rain(Once)
only 3 people have ever sat in the back seats.
Never revved past 7500
never wrecked
never smoked in
never eatin in
ALWAYS garaged
Detailed ONLY by the infamous MartinD @ Detailsbydbach.com


DIY blacked out headlights with metallic black
AUTHENTIC C-west front bumper
DIY shorty antenna
20% tint all around
Rexpeed type-C carbon wing (only 2 weeks old)
Authority carbon exhaust heat shield
Yellow fogs

Both A-pillars dyed to match factory black
AEM Uego wideband
AUtometer sport comp boost
autometer sport comp EGT
Factory Leather recaros (no tears or marks or stains)
blitz shift knob
JDM Ralliart carbon shifter console
Orbital Prestige 2 din kit
Red A/C mod
Pioneer AVIC D3 head unit (both west coast/east coast maps)

*ENGINE* (all have roughly 3k on them) and maybe 3 launches

Walbro fuel pump
Blitz SBC ID3 Boost controller
SMC Ver. 2 Meth/alky injection
Cosworth 272 Cams
HKS DLi2 ignition
Weapon R engine dampner
AMS Mini Battery Kit
AMS SPark Plug cover
Forge RS DV
AFI(Arizona forced induction) 35R (.63 A/R)
Tial 44MM WG
AFI 3 inch DP
AFI Mani
AFI Intake WITH recirc
Helix Test Pipe
Helix Cat-Back
Precision 880 Injectors
Tuned By Topspeed
10' Slim Fan
Cusco Twin disk
denso IHK27 plugs


Tein S-tech springs (YES thats it.... i dont road race.... i just go fast damnit)

18X9 +31 SSR Professor SP1's (good luck finding these)
red muteki extended lug nuts
Falken RT-615's 245/40/18
SSR carbon Centercaps (most come with chrome)

DBA 4000 series slotted all around
Ferrodo DS2500 all around
Motul blue fluid

This IX is one of the HIGHEST hp stock block evos in the country. Still on the stock MAF it made 537WHP and 424FT/LBS at only 27psi on pump/meth.

Many evos around this area and this one is def a freak of nature. Please PM me if interested.


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damn, two please
Hmm should have gotten that instead of my car...and well a ton of different
cars actually :D

Can buy Talon and make that much for a ton less money, but still its a
ton nicer car though
That shit is sick!
Hmm should have gotten that instead of my car...and well a ton of different
cars actually :D

Can buy Talon and make that much for a ton less money, but still its a
ton nicer car though
yea, I can do that to my talon, but it would break the first time i revved over 3,000rpm =/ :D
Nice...but not $37k nice...
id pay 30 for it, but still very nice car!
30k is still rediculous.....
meh, I don't think so when stock they are selling for 20k.
nice, but not for that price
too fucking sexy
That shat is VERY over priced IMO.... But dang if it isnt sick as hell! That car looks amazing... Very nice looking car.
Yes the car is sick, but agreed about it being over priced, maybe with a built bottem end i could see it going for 35K
a 4door i would def love to have
sick car, but overpriced
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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