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So many of you remember the thread about the 7-legged spider drawing by artist David Thorne that was originally used in a payment attempt for a $233.95 bill, but was sadly refused, LOL.

Well said 7 legged spider sells for $10,000 on ebay

Here are a couple of questions from potential buyers that i found pretty funny:

Q: How does it shot web?
A: Hi, it uses already existing webs.

Q: How do I take care of it? Is there any healthplan in progress? What happened to his eight leg?
A: Hi! The spider is very low-maintenance. Maybe bring him to the chiropractor once a year and he'll be fine. What happened to his leg is unknown at this time.

Q: Hi is this spider free of all encumbrances, such as outstanding debts? And does the spider include any time travelling abilities that are transferable to the owner?
A: Hello, this spider is free of debts. It's quite possible that the spider has special abilities, although I have not yet found any. If you do find such a time travelling ability, I'd like to have him back please.

Q: could you please describe how to feed your spider? Can I feed him with fly drawings? Thanks.
A: Hi! There's no need to feed the spider. During special occasions you could treat him with for example one winged fly drawings, if you manage to find someone who can trade you those.
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