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When i decided that too many cars where becoming unobtainable i decided to do something about it. I traded my honda shadow for a big heavy camaro. Why you ask? well when you have been working on cars as long as i have you have to take a stab at doing a whole car, redesign from the ground up, only using the basic shell if it where. so i decided to do this as i could in stages which i will break down and am in the process of right now (this is what i do on weekends)

the reason i was happy about this paticular car is that the rear main body is perfectly straight and the car was only hit once in it's life on the left front fender which was replaced, it also has a 350ci small block with 10:1 pistons, eagle rods and polished crank, and a th350 trans thats also built so i don't have to replace either of those components (nice)

I am in teardown right now, the interior is stripped down and i have made my plan. i will first tackle the rear half and interior, it will be mini tubbed with an 8 point cage, i will leave the rear it has in it for now 12 bolt gm posi, when i break it i will do a ford 9 in with ladder bars and coil overs. the interior will be mixed matched out of a newer car (not telling until it is finished) and i have designed the full electrical system including relay's fuse box and switches. I now have my parts list minus my wheels and dashboard itself. so far this includes:
2 sb manifolds with t3 flange
2 .61 ar turbines internal gate
demon 650 blowthrough carb
2 side mount air to air intercoolers (probably DSM's)
pump/return line/ regulator
oil cooler
aluminum radiator
electric fan(s)
electric water pump
thumper roller rocker kit (haven't done calculations for lift or duration yet) this is one of the last things to be done as the car already has a big cam in it but it's flat tappet
year one rear trunk pan
auto faB 8 point cage
rear disc conversion from 96 s-10 blazer
right door
left fender
sbc prop valve
new gm steering box poly front bushings
solid body mounts
custom stainless lines full length all four corners (royal brass and hose)

as i get more into it i will post more pics and update

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update.........pics coming tomorow, i have completely removed the interior and front cap
ventolin: where are you, interested in your photography

here is the front clip

here is the kit


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meh, that saddens me, but my orange is gonna be pretty dark, and i have a special surprise once everything is painted
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