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adam b.
dyersburg, tn- will drive to nashville

1992 240sx hatch
flat white
16 inch wheels

the goods-
a/c cold as hell
uncracked black dash
just had tune up
runs like a champ

The bads-
power steering leak(high pressure hose)
2nd gear syncro grind, just the syncro NOT the gear
rattle can paintjob



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Im letting my buddy know about this. He is looking for s chassis cars in that price range. Can you post some more pics? And go into more detail about it such as miles on the chassis and engine ect?

Also, Im wondering if your cool with me coming along with him in order to check the car out. I hook my laptop up though the consult port and check out what all the sensors are doing ect. Also I would like to do a compression check on the cylinders. We would like to know what were getting ourselves in before we decide to build a car.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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