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92 Civic CX hatch FS/T

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SOLD!! Close thread
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i dont know why it says i only have 5 post i had way more before the board went under construction....so please dont delete
wow, what i would give for this car, wish you wanted a DB, lol
nice car /glws
pics of the DB?
SO clean, GLWS
fkn clean Civic G/l Man
damn son!
clean ass hatch

this will probably get locked though
8 isnt close to 100 posts
bump....thanks for the offers...and i have way more than 100 posts...somehow it got messed up when they changed everything...
very clean hatch...bet that exhaust is loud as hell, no mufller FTW!
bump....its really not that loud until it crosses over...vtec sounds awesome with the gsr cams. somebody buy it or trade me somethin......
8 psi
somebody needs his car...TTT
yowsa this things is nice!!!
g/l with the sale
thanks for the comments...and btw i love that quote chelsea lol
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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