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* Name: Preston
* Location: Kingsport
* Means of Contact: PM, Text/Call (423) 502-7249

* Year/Make/Model: 93 BMW 325is
* Miles (or amount of use):138,xxx
* Price: NEW PRICE!!! $2,300 OBO!
* Title: Salvage or Clear? Clear

- Engine: Runs great, needs a fluid change here soon...
- Transmission: Slushbox, Sometimes sticks in gear....
- Interior: Ragged out random pieces separating, needs some TLC
- Exterior: Needs paint, cracked windsheild
- Stereo & Nav: Factory, donno if it works still have yet to try and turn it on...
- Suspension: Rides smooth

This car is my DD, of the time I only drive it to work and back...

I can snap more pics if needed, but this is the only one I currently have...


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well I just listed my E30 vert. We could possibly work something out

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Trade for a 87 325IS
Chipped/tuned ECU (stock sits in trunk if ever wanted)
Eibach Sportline Springs (Stock included)

Also,your car def needs some work... Lowest offer you'll take?
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