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93 s-10 with a 355

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i know this isn't this sites cup of tea but i am throwing it out there. i don't want to get rid of it but i need something that i can drive back and forth to nashville for work. thinking of another turbo car.

Name barry
Item and description 1993 s-10
Price 4500
Location clarksville
Contact information pm or 229-254-3469

93 s-10
355 sbc
very large alum radiator
edelbrock intake and carb
edelbrock chrome air cleaner kit and and valve covers
turbo 350 trans with shift kit
8.8 ford explorer rear with 373 gears limited slip
two piece boyd 17" wheels
nitto 555r rear tires
full custom fiberglass dash
all autometer gauges
b&m quarter stick shifter

the good: i have spent a ton of time and a good chunk of money getting the truck to where it is now. it is a pretty fast truck, on street tires it has ran a 9.1 on slicks it would be in the 8's

the bad: it still needs the body work done, the normal cab corners and rocker panels also needs a fender, if you are halfway good at body work it shouldn't be bad

not really looking to trades but i would if the right kind of turbo car came along. also don't lowball because i dont have to get rid of it and won't give it away. the price is neg but not much as i have about 5000 in the truck not including time and labor.

new s-10 center console and seats
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cool truck
wish i had the money
TRuck is sweet bump it
thanks guys. now find someone to buy it lol
barry..your a dick..why you selling your truck..

none the less,
Bump for a clean ass truck you got to see and hear in person....
i don't really want to sell it but my girl is only gonna let me take her car for so long. i need something with better gas mileage, but it will still have to be fast. thanks for the bump though
damn i kinda want this
so come pick it up.
i also have a monster tach for it it just isn't back in the truck after doing the dash
ive seen this thing at the drag strip... its not slow
looks good
love the dash
nukefivesix said:
ive seen this thing at the drag strip... its not slow
it would be alot faster with slicks. the nitto's help but still....

looks good
love the dash

thanks also i have alot of time and sweat into it.
nukefivesix said:
ive seen this thing at the drag strip... its not slow
bottom dollar price 4000 come on guys
i demand under body shots
what do you mean underbody shot?
he wants underbody shots to see if there is rust lol
werd. i will take some tomorrow. it does have surface underneath but the only real rust is the rockers and cab corners
just got home from work and it's almost dark so no new pics. you can always come look in person. it does have rust but mostly the rockers and cab corners
damn son

lol how about my blazer for ur truck u can keep ur wheels and yellow top battery haahahahah
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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