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94 civic hatch swapped price drop

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Body seems straight, not diggin fenders, but easy fix
I would try to scoop it up. I pretty much have the cash. Parents won't let me buy a project car.
Lol I do, we have no space for it. We already have like 6 of our cars parked here
+ 3 other cars for people who work for my mom. No room and they think a project car
will be a money pit since they have bought all my older brothers crap and got nothing in return

In short sense. Its not happening :(
And about to move into the house we have been building for 3 1/2 years....probably less room there.
boosting it would be fun...spinning
FNEG said:
hybridkyle said:
Bump for this guy!! Car is pretty fuckin quick.... I did ride in the bitch.

Why man, just why??? PM me bro...
you of all people are asking me this lol
Ha whats that mean?
Ever seen what these can make boosted?
People seem to like them and they don't seem to need much boost to make good power.
Some guy posted up saying he made w/ just turbo kit something like 350whp or close to that
then ran out of fuel/ or needed bigger injectors
1 - 8 of 41 Posts
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