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94 DB Integra Great DD!!!

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Selling my girlfriends 1994 4dr automatic Integra with 146k. A/C and P/S work fine.
All accesories work fine as well. The bad with the car is it has no CD player, Needs
driver side door large dent (window still works fine), usual torn drivers seat and back seat,
needs driver side tail light with small damage to bumper. All parts would be easy to find and fix. Nice looking Falken rims remind me of GSR blades. Mostly cosmetic damage. Would make a fun project.

Asking 2k. No trades unless you can get my gf an auto EG hatch. Not likely!!

Call or text 615-390-2755 and let me know its the integra you are talking about my car is for sale too. Thanks


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Did you text me?
not a bad looking car good luck with the sale
Id still trade if you want to
Bump for the white four doors lol
Bump for a great DD.
i just might have sec thoughts about this. lol she's pretty clean
Bring on the Minty hatch. Lets do it!!
I mean the trade that is.
might pic this up. tittle clear
Title is clean.
oh yea it dont say its a 5 speed rite
If this were a stick, i'd be all over it! But its not....
man this would make an awesome DD...g/l to you
Thanks peoples. Yeah sorta like her to keep it and fix it up but she really wants
an EG hatch now.
looks good. good luck with sale
does the tranny slip or anything
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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