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96 gsr jumping

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ok i got a 96 integra gsr its got 142xxx miles on it now and it rips vtec fine and all but here lately after it rips you give it a min and its like it gets an extra kick to it and you can feel it and (ALL STAGES OF VTEC HAVE HIT BY THIS POINT) so what could it be? is it my timing belt by chance cause today on the way home it hesitated when it got to the point of vtec then rips hard really hard. im not really complaining i just dont want my shit to fuck up any help. thanks ronnie
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i do beleve there is a such thing as 2 stage vtec im not 100% sure
yes, well actually it's called a 3stage vtec. it only comes on the jdm d15b motors. it's kinda odd to look at if you know your honda motors well, because it has 2 vtec solenoids whereas every other motor will only have 1. this motor is made for economy and has the capability to produce some impressive mpg values.

but on the other note. your gsr, lol. you have VTEC. 1 stage. thats it.
1000-4499rpms= no VTEC, Closed intake manifold Butterflys
4500-6199rpms= no VTEC, Open Intake Manifold Butterflys
6200-XXXXrpms = VTEC, Open Intake Manifold Butterflys.

And As for assessing your cars problems, good luck. if your stating that your car hesitates when you are full throttle, then it could be your fuel pump. but if it were so you'd be hesitating reguardless of throttle position.

try explaining things a little better. cause your post might as well say, ''My cars Not Starting. What could it BE?"
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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