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96 gsr jumping

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ok i got a 96 integra gsr its got 142xxx miles on it now and it rips vtec fine and all but here lately after it rips you give it a min and its like it gets an extra kick to it and you can feel it and (ALL STAGES OF VTEC HAVE HIT BY THIS POINT) so what could it be? is it my timing belt by chance cause today on the way home it hesitated when it got to the point of vtec then rips hard really hard. im not really complaining i just dont want my shit to fuck up any help. thanks ronnie
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Also there are no "stages of vtec". A GSR has a dual plane intake manifold that has vacum operated butterflys that open up at higher rpm's so thats what youre talking about. Sounds like you may be low on oil or have a vacum leak somewhere. If youre ever a tad bit low on oil the VTEC solenoid doesnt get to see the pressure it wants and will cause engagement issues.
Only thing in the timing it could be is maybe a bad rotor button in the Dist. or a bad plug wire and or plug. It has nothing to do with your timing belt. Maybe your car just needs a good tune up and oil change.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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